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Welcome, guests from Jennifer Beale’s Summer Networking Bash! – Get UNstuck Now

The Get UNstuck NOW!
Breakthrough Coaching

  Here you will find information and links for proven coaching tools to empower you to achieve improved, measurable results. Guaranteed since 1976.

  • My gift to you now: The ‘Thank You’ Awareness Strategy Tool (see below) is a proven 7-day vibrancy-raising activity. With over 90,000 human thoughts/day, isn’t this your time to decide now to start living a more compelling life, creating results you desire, on demand. That’s right.
  • The Breakthrough Coaching System (see below) is like pressing your life ‘reset button’. You are the same you as before, now with previous limits + associated negative emotions wiped out.  Permanently and guaranteed.
  • The Quantum Change Process™ is designed for resolving one single, repeating issue or problem/pattern in your life. Ready for a change now? Change your life in about 2 hours. Permanently and guaranteed.

The Breakthrough Coaching System

Here’s a quick summary of the Get UNstuck Now! Breakthrough coaching process. This is an option for you to consider for yourself when you are ready for a significant positive change now, aren’t you? Like a life reset button so you can rise up to your best, fully vibrant self. Naturally. Consistently. Permanently.

1. The initial scheduled component is the Detailed History conversation (under 2 hours). In this session, I will empower you to learn/confirm specifically what you didn’t previously know that you didn’t know – about what has been and is still limiting you now. After all, if you knew, you would have resolved all of it years ago! I then apply this to create your Success Blueprint (for session 2).

2. Then, to empower you to start achieving your significantly improved and sustained results right away, at your option, we’ll schedule the 2nd component. In that session (about 2 hours) I will empower you to easily and effortlessly eliminate all your past, unwarranted negative emotions and limiting beliefs. At that time, you will be the same person you were, now without those previous, unproductive self-limits! Like a bird who discovers the cage door has been open all along, or better … the cage was only in your self-created story. That’s right.

3. Then, immediately, at your option again, your coaching component begins for 4-6 months (we’ll know better after the first session what serves you best). This is where your new neurology/behaviour-building actions start to create new awareness of the awesome resources available (always were) inside you, to harness, on your command. Nice!

As many have meaningful questions, I prepared a helpful document explaining the Get UNstuck NOW! Breakthrough process, including the written results guarantee (including your option to enhance it to serve you better – who else provides this kind of transparency now?)

How soon will you decide now to wisely select to complete the first two components together (same day/week, can be completed within 5 hours).

To do now: Do share this page and when you are ready to create the improved, measurable results you desire, call me now: (905) 764-8525 or complete the “I am Ready” handy form at the bottom of this page.

The  7-day
Awareness Strategy

Here is my proven awareness harnessing strategy tool I share with my Get UNstuck NOW! Breakthrough coaching clients, normally after session 2 of their Breakthrough (once all limits are wiped out, described on this page). With about 90,000 human thoughts/day (60 sec/min x 60 min/hr x 24 hr), isn’t this your time to decide now to start living a more compelling life, creating results you desire, on demand. That’s right.

I include it here now too, as my gift to you: a sample coaching tool to empower you to identify (and resolve in-the-moment) any self-limit blocking you from operating as your best self. Resolution can be on your own, or via the Quantum Change Process™ or by completing your own Get UNstuck NOW! Coaching Breakthrough coaching Breakthrough (see above).

How it will work for you NOW: Yes, be curious, very curious! For the next 7 days (yes, even on the weekend) keep a handy log with you (to harness in-the-moment learnings). Then, at the end of each day e/vmail/txt/msg (or use this handy form below) to report to me just these two numbers:

  1. The # times that day when you noticed yourself ‘reacting’ to something … UNexpected
    “UNexpected” means you believe it to be better/worse than you expected. Perhaps it is something you thought to yourself or something done by someone/something outside of you. Key observable behavior/evidence includes (sample): comparing, doubting, analyzing, generalizing, deleting, distorting, ignoring, any action starting with ‘dis-‘ (dislike, disgust etc…) plus any negative emotions attached to it.
  2. The # times (that same day) when you did reframe one of those UNexpected items (from 1. above).
    Be sure to apply this guaranteed formula to ensure yourself better results in-the-moment: Each time you notice something UNexpected, immediately (zero reacting/delay) say out loud to yourself: “Thank you UNconscious for bringing this to my attention. Now I know what to do.” And then, at THAT moment … whatever you are guided internally to do, DO that! Without hesitation and specifically with zero analysis (if tempted, know it is just your conscious mind … attempting to re-enforce/fuel whatever is blocking you from operating as your best self!)

Your goal/evidence is to swiftly and consistently experience the awesome, life-improving results you achieve as the size of the two numbers reverse over time (#1 going down and #2 going up). And with consistent use of this tool, they will.

Consistently, my Get UNstuck NOW! Breakthrough coaching system clients report significantly improved results within the first two days! Do share with me some of your learnings as you notice your improved ability to create better results, in any situation, on demand. That’s right.

Thank you for the opportunity to contribute to your continued success now!

Paul Litwack, MNLP, MTLT, MCHt, QCP       Phone: (905)764-8525
The Capability Improvement Coach®        CoachPaul(at)GetUNstuckNOW.org
Since 1976, empowering leaders to achieve improved, measurable results, guaranteed!

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